LazerMask 15cm x 30m, PVC-free

Delivery time: 4 day(s)


Lazermask - non PVC sandvarving film

Lazermask™ is a durable, flexible, self adhesive, laserable film that is translucent red in color for easy alignment. It is a raw film that is not UV light sensitive and is used to compliment the laser engraving process with sandcarving. Lazermask™ is a non-PVC sandcarving film that won't corrode your laser's hardware!

To use

Apply Lazermask™ to the flat surface of the item beginning at one end, burnishing flat with a plastic squeegee to the opposite end (similar to applying vinyl) to avoid trapped air.

Remove the clear carrier

Laser the image

Sandcarve the item

Paint fill (if desired) while the mask is still on

Needed abrasive size: 120 to 220 mesh