SR2000, 6MIL (150 micron), 1 Roll sized 35cm x 7,5m

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SR2000™ 6MIL / 150 micron, heavy duty for fine & deep sandblasting engravings.

With blasting material Brown Corundum F 150, deep & fine sandblastings can be achieved with a depth of max 7mm.

We are recommending Brown Corundum or White Corundum (low-dust)

Grit sizes that can be used = F 100 - F 150 (also finer depending on how much adhesive was applied on the SR2000 film)

Sandblasting stencils are usually still produced using a cutting plotter. Cutting, weeding and transfer to transfer paper are no longer necessary with our film system. Our SR2000 Photoresists are to be developed with UV light and water.

The SR2000™ Photoresist for Sandblasting allows you to transfer the finest and most complex details - deep as an engraving - into all common engravable materials, such as glass, stone, metal, wood, etc.

With our Rz2 Adhesive (applied with a brush or paint roller), or Rz3 sprayable Adhesive (applied with a paint spray gun with a 0.8 mm nozzle) - you determine the adhesive strength of the film yourself. The adhesive can be built up in several layers on the film and is guaranteed to have the strongest Adhesion to naturally rough, sawn, matted or other problematic surfaces.