SR3000, 5MIL (125µ), 1 Roll sized 31cm x 7,5m /(12"x25')

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SR3000 ™ 5MIL / 125µ, for deeper engraving of fine motifs or large-area engravings

Usually, sandblasting stencils are still made with a cutting plotter. Cutting, weeding and transferring to transfer paper is no longer necessary with our film system. Our films are developed with UV light and water.

The self-adhesive sandblasting film SR3000 ™ enables you to transfer the finest details onto all common engravable materials, such as glass, stone, metal, wood etc. The blue sandblasting film SR3000 ™ is not only self-adhesive, but can also be positioned several times and is therefore child's play to apply to any surface. You can use the SR3000 ™ for simple drawings and writings, right up to the finest photo engraving.